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Zookeeper Assistant Program
Interested in becoming a zookeeper? Then check out the zookeeper assistant program. This program can be taken as a part-time or full-time program. You will get a lot of hands-on experience working in a zoo. There are several requirements to be a zookeeper assistant. You need to be flexible and willing to work around the clock. Moreover, you will need to have a clean driving record. You must also be physically fit, as you will have to lift 100 pounds or more. And you should be willing to work in any type of environment. Learn more about  cat training course, go here. 
A zookeeper assistant's responsibilities include feeding, watering, cleaning, educating visitors and assisting with the care of assigned animals. The role is very diverse and includes building habitats for the animals and communicating with veterinary staff. Depending on the zoo, zookeeper assistants might specialize in one type of animal or group. However, most assistants work with a wide range of animals and help the curators with their research.
The ABC Zookeeper Assistant Program is a 10 stage program that teaches students animal husbandry, conservation, and breeding. The program is taught by Alisa Behar, who earned her undergraduate degree in environmental biology from California State University Northridge and a graduate degree in Zoo Animal Management from an Australian university. After completing the program, she worked in zoos and taught zookeeper courses at various facilities, including America's Teaching Zoo.
The curriculum for this program covers animal care, conservation, breeding, and reproduction. You'll learn the latest knowledge in animal health and conservation and how to care for exotic and endangered species. In addition, the Zookeeper Assistant program also teaches students how to train animals and solve behavior problems. In addition, you'll learn how to care for animals and how to properly restrain them. You'll also learn how to identify and deal with stress in animals. Find out for further  details on aquarium maintenance professional right here. 
Zookeeper assistants can work part-time or volunteer at zoos and wildlife rehabilitation centers. The experience you gain at a zoo can lead to valuable job referrals. You may even be able to land a paid internship after completing a zookeeper assistant program. You may want to talk to your guidance counselor to learn about the best course of study for you. Take a look at this  link  for more information. 
Among the requirements for becoming a zookeeper assistant are minimal visual acuity, a strong sense of direction, the ability to work in cramped spaces, and the ability to tolerate bodily fluids. Additionally, you must be able to handle being bitten, scratched, or gnawed by small animals. You should be prepared to work in varying weather conditions. You should also be able to drive a car.
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